Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tee Restoration Project

On Monday, we began our tee restoration project in returning all tee boxes to their original square intent.  Unfortunately, the tees on the property have lost their shape over the years due to additions and maintenance practices.  This project will allow us to create uniformity throughout the golf course while reaping the benefit of adding additional tee space in certain locations.

The process begins will laying out the perimeters of the new tee surface.  The beauty is that majority of the tee complexes where constructed to have square tees, so very little grade work will be involved throughout the project.  Once, the perimeters are set, we then decided on how far we can push the teeing surface to provide adequate (and additional) tee space while being maintenance friendly due to the severity of the slopes on our property.



With over 65 tees, this will be a time consuming project with the hopes of finishing as many holes as possible prior to the ground freezing for the winter.  Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we make a huge impact on returning Longue Vue to it's classic state!