Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Golf Course Update

Last week I posted on the start of the seed project, seven days out and we are already starting to see significant germination in the slits created by the seeder.  We have made continued progress on the course throughout the week.  Last week, focus was placed on key areas and this week we have shifted to a broader approach and have tackled areas on each hole all the way through #14.   A couple of well timed rains and cooler nights will help with germination as we continue to address the Poa population in our rough.

#10 Green:

One thing I failed to mention last week since we have started various projects throughout the course is the clearing around #10 green.  Once morning jobs have been completed, we have dedicated staff members to start working on areas that have become overgrown in our gullies and other key aesthetic features on the course.  The guys have made great progress on #3, #5 and #6.  In efforts to regain the infinity look around 9 green and 10 green we have shifted gears if efforts to complete prior to the seasonal H2B guys going home for the winter months.

Progress thus far
The pictures really don't do it justice.  Can't wait to see the finished product as we continue to work around the right side exposing the view from the lower tee.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Golf Course Update

Disclaimer:  I tried using the caption feature for the first time in this post yesterday and I guess I didn't do it properly cause you couldn't view the text as it was blocked out...oh well, pays to preview before publishing and I guess I'll just stick to growing grass.
Here's the edited post.  Sorry!

After one inch of rain spaced out over 50+ days, it would only be fitting that Mother Nature would play havoc on our final busy week of the year with major member events.  The Ladies Abernethy Cup was unable to finish as a system came through that gave us a much needed buy poorly timed inch of rain.   The following three days saw an additional 1 1/4 fall slow and steady during preparation and competition of the annual Jim Henry event.  Nonetheless, we needed the rain and it has created wonders in recovering the property following a very stressful and crazy weather pattern over the last couple of months.

Rolling Greens on the Saturday of Henry served as an additional mean of removing water although not recommended by most in the turf industry.
Fall Projecfts:
Yes, it is not technically Fall yet, but when football's Fall to me.  Just a few events remain on the schedule as the season draws to an end and we are starting to switch gears by beginning some of our Fall projects.  Our annual seeding project started on Monday as we addressed areas of previously high Poa content in our rough.  These areas suffered during the heat and drought of late July/early August due to lack of rainfall and irrigation while effecting playability and aesthetics.

Example of area being seeded due to Poa loss would be left of #13 green

First we scalped the areas down to 1 inch with our pushmowers

We then used our seeder to create slits and drop seed into the grooves for proper seed to soil contact

We used a turf type Tall Fescue variety (hardier to traffic and drought resistant)
Lets face it, we are in Western Pa and Poa will come back in these areas come next spring to create uniformity  throughout the rough.  However in effort to minimize the downward spiral of the summer months, it is important to incorporate different varieties into these areas to withstand the above mentioned stresses.  On a yearly basis, we will address these areas to reduce the Poa population and encourage healthy/playable rough year round.  This week we worked on areas behind #2 green, #3 blue tee, behind #5 green and left of #13 green.  You can expect to see Matt sitting atop of the seeder throughout next week as we continue to address areas on the course. 
In addition to starting our seed project, we applied our first light topdressing application to greens and interfaces since Aerification.

Using push spreaders, we applied sand to improve firmness, protect the crown (dreaded anthracnose) and maintain smoothness. 

A new practice is to apply to our interfaces where the approach meets the green, this over the long term and multiple applications in conjunction with Aerification will help improve the firmness of our approaches

The guys then used push brooms to move the sand into the canopy.

Close up of an Before and After
Golf Course Etiquette:
It has been a few posts since I've had to remind, vent and encourage about golf course etiquette during your round.  I on multiple occasions am amazed at I would I see during my rounds throughout a day and thought that I would share some recent findings.
This guy would survive, remember to replace your divots or maybe during your next round an otherwise fairway hit, will turn into a tough approach out of a hole

Unfixed ballmarks take 14-21 days to heal and will impede your line and roll on putts in the meantime

Cart sign are there for a reason, it protects the turf and condtions

Try to use the cart paths around tees and greens, its just a few extra steps

Most courses institute the practice of keeping carts on the paths on Par 3s, for us it is also a practice of safety

Just a few friendly reminders, I'm a firm believer that if you respect the will respect you and your round!  Fall is shaping up to be as usual a busy time for the Greens Staff as we have a lot of fun and exciting projects in store.  Stay tuned to the blog for updates.  Till then, I look forward to seeing you on the course!