Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Reminders

I apologize for the lengthy period in between post...lot going on both on and off the course recently.  The official start of summer is just a few days away and the increase in temperatures have already settled in.  I wanted to take a minute to mention a few reminders to keep in mind during your next round at Longue Vue over the next period of stressful months.

·       You’ll notice a lot of hand-watering throughout the property as temperatures rise, this technique will go a long way in improving plant health with site specific watering while achieving firm and fast playing conditions.  The assistants and myself will be lapping the property each afternoon checking greens, tees and fairways.  Although, we don’t want to interfere with play, you will from time to time see us watering and we promise to be swift while conducting the task of syringing.  The #1 injury in the turf industry is via a golf ball, so we ask for your patience as we try to provide the championship conditions you deserve. 

·       Last month we touched on cart traffic and we have begun to see some improvements in key areas.  During the next couple of months of the stressful period, we will continue to monitor areas and address how to flow cart traffic.  Rope-lines and directional markers will come and go, along with being moved in new locations to prevent wear.  Please take the time to follow these key components to our success, every little bit helps! 
·         Couple other reminders during the heat and humidity periods:

o   Remember to apply sprayable sunscreen/insect repellent in the parking lot, it does not protect the turf.

o   Ball marks take longer to recover during this time of year, please take the time to fix not only yours but others on each green.

o   Use sand to fill divots if you take a shallow one or it falls apart on you, the compromised root structure will reduce recovery but if you take one like the bottom picture, replace it.
o   Ryegrass is not very drought/heat tolerant, so avoid extended periods of driving your cart on the intermediates.  Although the lower height of cut is inviting...they do not serve as alternate cart paths.

o   Finally, if you need a cool down and you see us syringing nearby, we can provide a quick mist, turf is not our only priority.
I'm extremely pleased with the state of turf going into the stressful season, but it needs to continue to be a team effort from all parties involved.  Every little bit helps from the golfers and greens staff in continuing to provide the best possible experience each and every time you visit Longue Vue.