Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#14 Tree Removal Project

 #14 Tree Removal Project:

We are about a week into the tree removal project on #14 and we can already see drastic changes.  Here are some pictures to show the progress:

A before picture taken from the start of the approach

Picture taken on this past Friday from a similar angle.  All that's left is the one main tree directly behind the flag and the cluster of trees that you see in the distance behind the two Oaks left of the green.

Phil Miller was on property once again to help us with the project.  Using his excavator, he would begin the process of clearing the section of woods.

Once the larger trees were knocked over, our staff would cut off the stumps and chain the tree to his dozer.

He would then drag the trees to the dump site

An added benefit of the project was that our normal dump site located behind #14, tripled in size

A view from #11 tee just after the start of the project

A couple of days later

Near completion, Phil is going to put a final grade on the entire section of woods that have been removed.  Once completed, we will seed the area to fine fescue that will become a native moving forward.

The project will improve light and airflow to the green complex along with drastically changing the visual of the hole.  Although I would use the words reclaiming or restoring loosely, it is nice to see what Robert White was seeing close to 100 years ago.  From drainage to tree removal, all of #14 has received quite the facelift this offseason both agronomically and aesthetically.