Thursday, May 2, 2013

Golf Course Update

What a glorious week of weather we've experienced since Monday as the trees are gaining more foliage, the grass is growing and various plantings are in bloom.  For me, this is a breathe of fresh air as I'm starting to see all the array of colors and beauty this property has.  Including a little touch of home with the dogwoods.

I don't have much to report for this week, but you'll by happy, excited, elated and any other words in the thesaurus that may describe the feeling of knowing that we began mowing rough.  Therefore, I've been extremely busy in mapping out the areas that we are going to maintain compared to those that we will begin the process of establishing natives in out of play areas to improve the aesthetics of the property while reducing labor and operating costs.  A great deal of training has been giving to the staff in where to go and what to use while respecting the golfers in such a time consuming task.  Ultimately leading to better playing surfaces and overall experience on each of your visits.

Outside of mowing rough, the majority of our time was spent on prepping the golf course for today's Western Penn Fred Brand golf tournament.  We focused on little details such as edging yardage plaques and tee monuments while continuing to mulch and prep the beds on the golf course for the arrival of annuals in a couple of weeks.

Overall, not to shabby of a week. 

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