Friday, September 27, 2013

Put a stamp on Fall Aerification

Not much to report on the final two days of Aerification as emphasis was mainly placed on returning the golf course into shape for play today (Friday).

On Wednesday, we finished poking and cleaning up the remaining tees on 13-18 and begun mowing rough, push mowing and putting the first cut on Fairways following the slice that afternoon.

Thursday had much of the same theme, we mowed and cleaned.   However, we did put a roll and double broom on greens in the afternoon.  Max and I applied fertilizer to all the putting surfaces following the broom.

The guys using push brooms to work the sand into the canopy
Max and I spending some quality time to wrap up a busy week
All in All a very successful aerification.  Greens, Tees and Fairways all received some much needed attention as we continue to build healthier turf to lay the foundation for the future of Longue Vue.  Thank you for the support and cooperation to conduct these task and we look forward to providing a great golf course for the remainder of the season!

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