Thursday, March 13, 2014

Course/Project Update

Course Update:
We have had the good fortune of experiencing a few breaks in the weather over the past week that has allowed the Greens department to button up winter projects and transition into preparing the property for the season.  We have finished our tree removal program for the 2013/14 off season, including all the prep work that follows with removing a tree in grinding the stump and backfilling.  These areas will be seeded in a couple weeks once spring finally sets in.   Along with the long term project of cleaning up woodlines, emphasis was placed this offseason on removing deceased trees along with selecting key areas that removal would aid in improving the agronomic conditions and playability.  An example would be the 13th hole pictured below,  selective removal took place on the tee complex to address the encroaching trees while still providing a screen from the 12th.  In addition to the tee complex, removal occurred on the right side of the fairway to improve the quality of turf in landing zone of those wayward tee shots to the right.
All together the staff removed 40+ trees (not including continued work on the woodlines) over the winter.  In addition to wrapping up tree removal, the staff has begun prepping beds for the spring mulching and have started to address all the debris that occurs on the course throughout the winter months.  We have also dove back into the tee restoration project that was started this past fall with a new method of attack that will hopefully speed up the process (stay tuned for a detailed post of the process in the coming weeks).  I'm optimistic that spring is right around the corner and the next month will be extremely busy with aerification, bunker work, mulching, tee project, yardage tag installation on sprinklers and firing up those mowers!
Project Update:
The tree removal project on #12 gully is coming along nicely despite the limited work schedule due to the weather and conditions preventing accessibility.  Below are a couple of pictures that will show the progress over the past three weeks. 



The renovation of our first building in the Maintenance compound is nearing completion.  All the electrical work has been updated along with the installation of insulation and a new ceiling in the interior of the building.  These additions will drastically improve the working environment of the building as both grinders will now be able to operate at one time and the upgrades will finally provide a building that will retain heat during the winter months.  All welcomed additions to phase 1 of the maintenance compound renovation/restoration. (Thank you members!)  The first building should be complete by the end of the next week as we are just waiting on the delivery of the new doors.  Following completion, we hope to break ground on the new Chemical and Fertilizer building by the first of May.   




New roof being installed
As always, stay tuned to the blog for updates in the upcoming weeks monitoring our progress as we prepare for the season.  Till then, dust off the clubs and we look forward to seeing you on the course!

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