Monday, March 30, 2015

Aerification Update #2

After a weekend that brought night temps in the teens and a all time record low temperature as a high on Saturday, we have to be wondering if Spring will ever get here.  With the forecasted rain tonight and into tomorrow; aerification has yet again been placed on hold.  However, the mid week warm-up and forecasted dry days could be our saving grace.

If we can avoid a major rain event leading into tomorrow, I am optimistic with how all the XGD greens have been responding and hope that we can get a head start tomorrow afternoon.  If all the pieces fall into place, we should be able to complete the entire process by Thursday evening prior to the next wave of rain on Friday. 

I realize that this upcoming weekend is a holiday and apologize for the inconvenience.  The extended forecast is calling for rain leading into the weekend and multiple days next week.  Therefore, I feel that this is our best window to push the envelope while staying focused on getting ready for the season and opening events.

We will remain on temporaries throughout the aerification process.  However, once each green is poked, cleaned, amended and topdressed, we will move the hole location back onto the putting surface. 

Please stay tuned to the blog and twitter for updates.

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