Thursday, September 27, 2018

Golf Course Update

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the status of intermediates following the seeding last week.

A week in and we are already seeing significant germination throughout the intermediates and surrounding rough despite the two inches of rain and lack of sunshine over the week.  Now that we are seeing the recovery process, it is important that we protect the grow-in process by limiting cart traffic in these areas.  Entry and exit points have been established in the fairways, please try to remain in the fairways as much as possible even if your ball is in the rough.  You could simply keep your cart in the rough when playing the hole in that case.  In addition, as identified in the pro shop and at the first tee, intermediates will be considered Ground Under Repair untill further notice.

This week, we also began seeding various areas of the rough with Turf Type Tall Fescue.  The above picture from the front of 18 fairway to show the difference in a section of Tall Fescue (on the left) compared to our existing hodge podge of a rough.  It is pretty evident in how this variety withstood the challenges of this season with weather, disease and traffic.  Below is a pic of the slit seeder being used in certain areas.

Next week, we will begin addressing some of the slopes that have also experienced turf loss from the season and disease outbreak.  Examples being the mounding of our famed punchbowl 13.  After repeated attempts to seed these areas throughout the season, I've decided to sod with the same species that were utilized in front of 18 and on the driving range project.  I'll keep you posted on the schedule of these tasks as we have a busy start to the week with outings. 

In closing, I want to Thank you for your continued support and has been a challenging stretch on many levels within in the greens department.  Unfortunate and frustrating, but the introduction of newer and stronger varieties will help protect us towards the future.

Check back next week for another progress update! 

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