Monday, April 22, 2013

Golf Course Update

Construction on the new approach addition for number 5 began this morning with all hands on deck.  The process began by stripping the outline of the approach to obtain it's character.

After quite a bit of tweaking and driving the guys crazy with painting new lines, we began bringing in topsoil to subtle out the rise before the green.

The existing sod will be used to replenish the nursery by the #11 tee where we are using the bent/poa for the new approach along with sodding a few various stump holes through out the property.  We made good progress today and the project should be buttoned up tomorrow.  Below are some pictures of today's progress:

When are you going to mow rough?
Ahhhh, the most common question I've received over the past couple of weeks.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may causing but trust me when I say there is a method to the madness.  In fact, we plan on starting to mow perimeters of fairways and green complexes this week.  Truth be told, I've been holding off as long as possible to mow rough to take advantage of the spring flush in growth following our pro-longed winter, thus allowing the rough to grow while promoting advantageous root growth before the wear of mowing equipment sets in for the season while strengthening the plant for the upcoming stressful months.
A lot of seeding and fertility applications have been done in various areas of the golf course over the past couple of weeks as planned with all of the rain that we have received.  These areas include areas that are prone to heavy cart traffic, stumps and thin areas in the rough.  The delayed start in mowing rough has allowed us to put focus on these areas to play catch up in creating a more consistent and dense rough on the property.
Stay tuned for an update on #5 tomorrow....


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