Monday, April 15, 2013

Manic Monday

What a beautiful and productive day at Longue Vue.  I wanted to take a few minutes to give an update on a very busy day as the course is really starting to shape and gain some character.

Tee Lines:

Assistant Max and Dario took on the task of burning in tee lines on the entire golf course today.  We are making the transition of riding mowers to walk behind mowers for all the tees with the exception of the Driving Range tee.  This transition will provide detail to all teeing grounds.  The process began with the two crew members establishing the proper direction to the landing zone of the fairway and using a string line to mark a straight line for starting to burn in the lines.  The following picture is an example of the end result on #3 tee:

#6 Ladies Tee:

Assistant Steve and a small crew wrapped up construction of the new ladies tee on #6 tee this afternoon.  The process began last week with the stripping of sod and bringing in dirt to serve as the sub-grade of the tee.  The laser level was used to shoot the grade for the base to insure proper drainage for the teeing surface before sand was introduced to form a 6 inch sand cap growing media.  Below are a few pictures to show today's progress:


The new tee will be opened for play in June, weather permitting.  This allows time for any settling to occur, the sod to tack and the opportunity to aerifier at least once before the ladies can have at it.

#3 Approach Renovation:

You can cross another project off the checklist as the crew knocked out the approach renovation on #3 today.  The project allowed us to kill two birds with one stone as we took the opportunity to prep the area needed to incorporate our 36 inch intermediate cut around the greens, along with adding additional character to a famous par 3.

The expansion of the approach will not only create aesthetic value to hole but will aid in the golfers opportunity to run the ball through the approach on the long par 3.  Below are some pictures of the progress today.

Below is a picture of the final product, the area will roped off for a couple of weeks for the sod to establish roots.  We ask that you use caution when needed to enter the roped area to retrieve a golf ball.


What are these dots?
A lot of the members have stopped me and asked the question, "What are the dots on the greens?".  These are used as the foundation for us to create the uniformity of a 36 inch collar and intermediate cut around greens.  With the severe slopes off many of the greens at Longue Vue (example being the above mentioned #3) this was used to allow us the opportunity to access which green complexes were going to need some sod work this spring for the project. 
With that being said, you'll notice in the next couple of weeks around greens that work will completed on various greens to allow this uniformity and better playing conditions.  Holes include #7, right side of 8, #9, #13 and #16.  You'll also notice areas of discoloration, never fear.......we are utilizing the spring to scalp down these areas to achieve the desired height.
I hope that everyone enjoyed the Sunday at the Master's, yet again....a memorable tournament.  I had the privilege of my first round at Longue Vue this past Friday, to simply put it.....what a great course!  Although the wind was howling and it played long due to the inch and half of rain, I continue to be mesmerized by the layout!

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