Friday, August 30, 2013

Golf Course Respect

It is a tough pill to swallow for any Superintendent; after the time, energy and effort he or she puts into the responsibility of providing the best possible conditions on daily basis, that they make their morning rounds and experience the sights that I was misfortunate of discovering today.  I wanted to share some pictures.

Cart damage on multiple Tee and Green Complexes that have paths following 1.75 inches of rain

Unfixed ball marks on a handful of greens
Ball marks the size of craters, that if left unrepaired, they will take weeks to heal
Divots that would normally survive, not being replaced
Look at this guy!
There is his home

Putter damage on #13 green

Apparently our chipping green, which is used to practice bunker shots and chip shots, now serves as a new Driving Range tee
Additional damage to the collar
I remember like it was yesterday when I took up the game of golf at an early age (heck my Mom considered it daycare during the summer months) and after walking 36, sometimes 45 holes in one day.....I would come in just prior to Mom picking me up and the Pro at our Mom and Pop club, the late Wayne Haley would say:
"How'd it go out there Josh?" - Pro
" I hit it often, Pro....but it's coming around"- Me
He would always reply " Just remember Son, if you respect the course, she will respect you!"
I've taken that advice throughout my 28 years of playing and working with the great game of golf.
Building Longue Vue for the future doesn't just start with the planning and execution of myself, the greens staff and the Greens Committee but it carries over to the respect that everyone that sets foot on this property must have.  My goal is to provide you the best experience possible, that experience will earn respect and return, Longue Vue will be the best it can be!  A little help will go a long way.

As always, I look forward to seeing you on the course!


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