Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rainy Day Post

Rainy days allows me to catch up on a lot of things but more importantly update everyone on what's happening on the course.

Seed Project Germination:

We are 14 days out from conducting the seed project to certain areas of the rough and we are starting to see a lot of germination in groves that were created by the seeder.   The Monday following the Jim Henry (Sept. 9th).  I plan on tackling additional areas throughout the property especially high traffic and Tee to Fairway areas.

Bentgrass Grooming on the Greens:

This past Monday we began our Fall Grooming on all putting surfaces.  Grooming is needed to reduce density while improving the smoothness of the putting surface.  Why reduce density, you ask?  Well, the main factor is to address the amount of bentgrass that is incorporated into our greens and begins to create runners over the summer months (or as I would say, becomes "leggy").  An additional factor is that both the Poa and Bent becomes a touch bumpy during the summer months because of the heat and active growing throughout the day tends to make a puffiness and slows down green speeds throughout the day.  Long story short....a touch thinner aids in ball roll and green speeds.

Our main objective is for the Bentgrass, to tighten up those runners and make less "leggy".  We have a groomer attachment to a set of our reels for the Tri-plex.

Hopefully you can see the slight grooves that are created as it's removing the material

And finally we topdressed.
I plan on doing this every Monday in two directions from now till Aerfication on the 24-26 of September.

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