Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#8 and Aerification Update

#8 Fairway Expansion Update:

With limited staff numbers and iffy weather, we have made great progress on the fairway expansion project on #8.  Here are some pictures and descriptions:

Before picture
Work began stripping the existing rough sod last Monday.

Due to the weather conditions, we worked in sections of removing rough sod and laying the new fairway sod leading up to the first fairway bunker.

Up to date picture of the completed section leading up to the bunker.
The rough sod being removed on #8 has been used in various areas for course improvements:

Areas of high Poa/Bentgrass population in the intermediates were addressed on #6 and #13 to improve lies and playability.

#5 Approach was reduced to address the penal nature of balls rolling backwards when coming up short. (Picture also serves as a reminder that carts traditionally remain on paths when playing Par 3s).
15 yards of approach as removed and transplanted to #8.

The new look of #5 approach.
The majority of rough sod from #8 is being used to create a bail-out area where the old wood-line was on #4 from the project conducted over the winter.

The rough line will transition into an native area (that we will seed) just to the left of Mark (the furthest to the left staff member laying sod.)
With limited staff numbers, frost delays and rain....I'm happy and proud of our progress towards completing a major in-house project of stripping and transplanting over 20,000 sq ft of sod.  Technically, 40,000 when you factor in the transplanting aspect.  The entire project should be buttoned up towards the end of next week.
Aerification Update:
As most are now aware, the recent weather (rain, snow, frost and cooler temperatures) have put our paving contractor and Aerification behind schedule one week.  With the area of the golf course that is slated for paving during this phase being problematic for golf cart traffic during installation, the goal was to coincide both aeration and cart paths while the course was closed.  If we were to be open during the path installation, for the safety of members and guest, all play would have been limited to holes 5-18.  With coinciding the two, we are limited the amount of time areas of the course are closed as the season quickly approaches.  The forecast looks great and all systems are a go.  Thank you for your cooperation and continued support, we apologize for the short-term inconvenience.  Check in next week for updates on #8, aerification, cart path installation and some contracted tree work.


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