Monday, April 4, 2016

#8 Fairway Expansion Project

Today marks the start of our fairway expansion project on #8.  Traditionally, the eight hole is one of the toughest fairways on property to hit due to the severity of left to right slope.  With the expansion project, up to 15 yards of additional fairway will be added to the left side to widen the landing zone.  Although, tee shots will continue to funnel left to right due to the overall slope of the hole, the area to the left of the existing fairway will serve as a plateau to reduce balls from funneling all the way to the right rough.  The target bunker that most use for alignment will remain but will now be in the fairway with closely mown intermediate cut surrounding the edge. 

The project is being conducted in-house by utilizing our nursery sod on #17, reducing the approach on #5 and possibly shortening the front portion of our 18th fairway.  Reducing the approach on #5 by 10-15 yards has been identified by the Greens Committee as a course improvement to reduce the penal nature of balls coming up short and rolling back down the hill.  Key word on #18 is "possibility", we have about 300 sq ft of wiggle room with sod from #5 and nurseries to complete the project, therefore, the out of play front portion of #18 has been identified as a possible contingency area to complete the project.

The project will take a couple of weeks to complete, largely because of our scheduled Aerification next week hindering progress.  During the project, all play for #8 will be directed to the green tee to provide safety for the staff while working.  Now that the hole will be temporarily shorten, please consider the safety of the group in front of you.  Treat your tee shots just like you normally treat your second shots by having a caddie or other member of your group at the top of the hill to communicate when the coast is clear.  Check with the proshop on how to post for handicapping purposes while using the green tee.  Once completed, the entire expansion will be roped off and deemed Ground Under Repair for a couple weeks to allow establishment.  At this point, play will return to normal tees but if your tee shot should settle in the GUR, then all players MUST FIND THE NEAREST POINT OF RELIEF WITH OUT GOING CLOSER TO THE HOLE.   It is important that during this short period, all traffic (Carts, Foot) and play is avoided when possible to allow quicker establishment.

I apologize for the short term inconvenience but feel that the long term reward will drastically improve the playability of #8. As always, Thank You for your support and cooperation as improving playability, aesthetics and plant health continues to be our mission!  Check back on the blog over the next couple of weeks for progress and updates on Aerification next week.

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