Friday, November 13, 2015

Golf Course Update

Tis the season!  With a week full on wind and rain, it's safe to say most of the leaves have finally fallen throughout the property.

A small crew was dedicated to #10 for most of the week with the rest of the staff blowing and blowing and blowing.  It also happened to be the last week for the H2B guys, as they are off tomorrow morning for home and the winter months.  Can't say enough how vital they are to the operation and a special thanks to them for another great year!
#10 Tee:
Tee Identity Project:
After two years in the making, we finally finished up the tee identity project by splitting up the tiers on #10 into three separate tees.
I probably should get better at taking before pictures, but first we marked off each section into a perfect square based off the width of our tee mowers.
Throughout the project, we looked at each individual tee to see if we could gain some additional tee space (hard to see the flag and red paint at bottom or picture, sorry) 

The project also allowed us to address any lows with in the tees by stripping and raising with sand.
The finished product of 18 holes of uniformed tee complexes!
#10 Green Tee:
A popular spot during Superintendent's Revenge and the Fall One Day Member-Guest lead to the notion of extending the forward green tee to gain some additional tee space.  The new tee space will provide an additional option during course set-up for the red tee players on a daily basis.

 Dirt was brought in to build up the front to form a new subgrade.  

Sand was then used to form a level teeing surface. 

The finished product
#10 Lower Tee:
In conjunction with squaring off the bottom tee on #10, we wanted to address the back portion.  If you remember, the teeing ground was extremely narrow and limited how far back we could take tee placements for the black tee players (thus congesting divot patterns throughout the tee).

Therefore, we stripped the slope back of the tee and started bringing in fill dirt.
The we started sculpting the new back portion gaining about ten yards of teeing surface. 

I'm standing on the very back of the tee take the photo, the plywood represents the old back edge.
We also stripped additional surface to the left of the tee in efforts of forming a "L" like the red/gold tee on #12.

This will allow us to have a perfect width when placing the blue tee markers side to side during a rotation.
I would expect to report on a finished product next week!
Since my arrival, we have used pinsheets for tournaments and special events.  I often stated that I had hoped to start using pinsheets on a daily basis.  From an agronomic standpoint, this allows us to better monitor the wear and tear of traffic on each green to improve plant health.  From a playability standpoint it provides the opportunity to regulate pin location patterns by spacing out the time between pins being in the same spot.  Thus improving the overall experience by providing parity for the membership on a day to day or weekly basis.
Using a irrigation flag and a slope reading gizmo known as "breakmaster", I would identify all the possible locations throughout a green that would have a slope less than 3% at a 3 ft and 5 ft radius.

The goal is to develop 18-20 pinsheets, I truly want know if this is feasible until I complete all 18 you know with the severity of our putting surfaces, we our limited to the amount of pinnable locations on a few holes.  Having at least 18, will allow three weeks of recovery before returning to the same pin. 

Have a great weekend!

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