Friday, November 20, 2015

Golf Course Update

Turkey day is approaching and after another solid week of weather, the staff has put a wrap on all but one remaining Fall project.

Irrigation Blowout:

The first of the week was dedicated to the annual process of blowing out our irrigation and water fountain lines on the course.  To start, over the past weekend we opened all the drain valves on the course along with shutting the main valve at the pump station to allow the water to drain naturally.  Then with a rented air compressor and used air to force any residual water from the lines by going hole by hole and turning on each individual head.  It's a time consuming process, but mandatory to protect the integrity of our irrigation pipe and heads throughout the dreaded harsh winter months.

#10 Bottom Tee:

Last week, I went over the project of lengthening the bottom tee on #10 in conjunction with squaring the upper tee.  The final touches were completed and here are some pictures of the finished product:

Sand was brought in to form the teeing surface, tying into the existing tee grade. 

A mixture of sand and soil was then used to help make the tie-in manageable behind the tee due to the amount of material brought in for the extension.

Finished look of the new back section.

Overall, we gained 10 yards for the Black/Blue players if not more.  The real benefit is we can now utilize the back portion of the existing tee as well.  Tee placements were limited in the past due to narrow width associated with old squircle (half square/half circle) shape.

In addition to the extension, we squared off the front left portion of the tee to gain additional tee space for this short par 3.
Tee Leveling:
A couple of tees on the property have developed lows throughout the years that would hold water and hamper playability while taking your stance at when addressing a tee shot.   To end the week, we addressed the white tee on #4 and the blue tee on #14. 

First we stripped the entire tee.
Then using our sandpro, we churned the existing tee top to begin working out the imperfections.

Once churned, we added sand and hand raked while using our smart level to guarantee a level teeing surface.

Once level, soil amendments were applied for under the sod.

Finally, the sod was placed back to form the new level tee.
Firewood for Sale:

In my last two newsletter articles, I mentioned to the membership that we are planning to start selling the firewood that has accumulated over my first three seasons at a great price for the members (blog readers too!). 

All wood is seasoned hardwood that has been cut on property and can be available in multiple quantities (truck, half-cord, cord, etc.).  Delivery can also be an option.  If interested, please contact Matt Wolfe at

You will likely not see a post next week, so I wanted to also wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Here's to safe travels and full bellies!  Check back in a couple weeks for our next update as we settle into winter mode with tree removal, equipment repair/maintenance and restoring our accessories that you see on the course.


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